Bookbinder apprentice: Coptic stitch

I started learning bookbinding on september 2015 when I finished college. I had never done it before and I didn’t know how it was going to be. It turned to be really fun and I really liked it. Since the classes where in Zaragoza, Spain, (here⇒ I had to drop out when I moved to Japan, but I’m willing to continue learning even if it’s on my own. I really miss going to class… *cry*

This is a notebook I made recently using a simple coptic stitch binding. I like the minimal look of this stitch and it’s very convenient for writing and sketching since the notebook opens up completely. The covers are lined with a handmade *not by me, of course* greyish marbled paper.

Marbled paper coptic bookbinding

I tried escalating gradually the length of the stitches on the covers. Also, for the black yarn to stand out, I painted a golden line beneath it.


I hope to continue practicing soon 🙂


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