Today is the 3rd of March, which in Japan means Hinamatsuri (雛祭り) and Girl’s Day! Traditionally people put Hina dolls dressed with the traditional court dresses of the Heian period (794 ~ 1185). The basic is just the emperor and empress, but bigger ones have other dolls like attendants and musicians too.  These are the Hina dolls we have at home:

hina matsuri 6

The stand may vary, but is usually gold and red.

hina matsuri 4

The colorful thing at the front is hishimochi, a kind of mochi (rice sweets).

hina matsuri 3


Here are some close-ups of the faces, I think they’re cute 🙂 It seems that the shape and features of the faces are different depending on the region.

hina matsuri 2

hina matsuri 5

It is also typical to eat chirashizushi (scattered sushi) and various sweets and cakes.

hina matsuri 7



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