Fushimi Inari-taisha

The other day I went to do a little bit of hiking (yes, me, hiking, I know it sounds impossible 😎 ) to Fushimi Inari shrine. The shrine is located in a mountain (mount Inari) and there are thousands and thousands of stairs and toriis (arches) until you get to the top. Along the way there are many little altars where you can pray, or in my case, rest. I’m pretty sure everyone has ever seen a picture of Fushimi Inari somewhere, maybe the most popular being the movie Memoirs of a geisha. So, I know this is nothing new and the internet is full of pictures from this shrine but since it’s one of my favourites, here we go.

I arrived to the shrine in the afternoon and the weather was really good that day 😀


This is the entrance, where the main shrines are located.

Then I started my way through the arches.



The route is divided in stages from 1 to 16, being 14 the top of the mountain. In the first stage there is a lake and a little shrine. This is where people with no intentions of going to the top end their visit, so it’s always crowded ^^’


The lake.

As you continue climbing the forest is more calm and quiet since there are fewer people.





You can see Kyoto from there~



And then, finally, after climbing stairs for and hour (more or less), I reached the top of the mountain! 😀 😀



Proof I actually went to the top haha

After resting a little, I started going down. Before I got to the entrance it started getting dark. I thought that would be a problem for taking pictures, but I ended up taking some nice shots.






This is the main entrance.


Since it was already late, I went back to the station.



And that’s it! sorry for making this post so long *too many pictures* and thanks for reading!!



I don’t know what was happening to the man in the front, but he seems concerned haha



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