Nijo castle + Sanjo-kai

This time I’d like to write (more like posting pictures…) about the “Nijo castle and it’s surroundings” area in Kyoto, which is close to where I’m currently living. So, the Nijo castle o Nijo-jo was originally built in 1626 for the Tokugawa family (the shoguns) but it was destroyed in 1788 by a fire. It wasn’t until 1867 when the Imperial Cabinet started using it again that it was restored. This castle is literally in the middle of the city and is now a very turistic area. Enough historical facts.





Well I didn’t go inside this time (I don’t remember if pictures are allowed inside anyway) but maybe another day.

Near the castle there is a shopping street/arcade (shoutengai in japanese) called Sanjo-kai *because it’s in the Sanjo Street, how original*. There are many shopping streets in Kyoto, but the famous ones are too crowded and filled with tourists, and I don’t enjoy crowds so…The Sanjo-kai is more traditional and that’s why I like it, you can actually see the locals doing grocery shopping and the shops are not only gift shops and restaurants. The only thing I don’t like about it is that there is always a lot of people riding bycicles and you know, they go really fast and one day they’re going to run over me and I’m going to die haha.


The entrance of the arcade.




Hipster café *aka Sarasa 3* (they make really delicious cakes).






I like that wall painting a lot. *edit* it doesn´t exist anymore 😦


And that’s it for today! If there’s something you would like to see or know about Japan, specially from Kyoto, Osaka or Nara let me know in the coments! 😀

Thanks for reading!


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